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Hello, and welcome to the website of the Transport Workers Union of America - Local 577, the Union of Allegiant Air Flight Attendants. To help you navigate, we have QuickLINKS below that will assist you. For more navigation, use the menu bar above. For NewsFEEDS and Events, scroll to the bottom of the page.


Need to File a Grievance?

Do you believe the contract was violated? Do you feel you were treated differently in a situation? File a grievance today.

Need a URep?

If you need a Union Representative to attend a disciplinary meeting with management, you must fill out a URep Request. Click the link below "Request a URep"

Need a PSR?

Having a problem(s) with a co-worker? Need advise about conflict resolution? To request help from a Professional Standards 

Representative, click "Request a PSR" now.


If you have been exposed to Toxic Cabin Air, please fill out the "BleedAIR" form by clicking below.

Response Page, Agreements and Reports

Resources for members during this pandemic. Stay educated and informed. Click the link below Today!!!


TWU Local 577
4535 W Russell Rd Ste 11 

Las Vegas, NV 89118 

Tel: 702-919-1610 

FB: TWU Local 577 Discussion Page

TWU Local 577 - 2020 Disclaimer

This website is operated by the Transport Workers Union Local 577. It was created for the use of all active/line Flight Attendants under the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the TWU and Allegiant Air. This pro-union website is not endorsed by, sponsored by, operated by, or affiliated with Allegiant Air or any entity controlled by or affiliated with Allegiant Air. The Transport Workers Union Local 577 reserves the right to take legal action with anyone who misuse information provided in this website.

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