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TWU Local 577


The Local Union of Allegiant Flight Attendants began on December 2010 when the National Mediation Board conducted an election to vote in union representation facilitated by the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO. Once the election confirmed and acknowledge the TWU as the bargaining agent for the Flight Attendants at Allegiant, the union began to work on contract negotiations that ultimately produced our first Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that the members voted on December of 2017. Although Negotiations lasted 7 years, the union and the company finally came to an agreement that later became the first TWU Local 577 Collective Bargaining Agreement. We all need to be proud of this accomplishment and continue to work hard in making our voices heard. 

Mission Statement

To deliver effective representation to our members thus ensuring fair wages, benefits and a safe work environment in exchange for labor and professionalism.

The Executive Board and Local Union Structure

TWU Local 577 Executive Board is the elected governing body of our local union. It is comprised of four (4) Officers and currently three (3) Board Members at Large. Their primary function is to ensure that all aspects of our local are run effectively while in compliance with our bylaws and the TWU Constitution. In addition, we must operate within all federal, state and municipal laws/regulations. 

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Joseph Mayfield

Hire Date: Jun 5th, 2003

Domicile: LAS

Email: jmayfield@twu577.org

Contact: 702-919-1610  Ext 716

About: Joe was born in California, raised in Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota along with the University of Birmingham England. He is a single father of two and has been a Flight Attendant Air for 18 years, starting with National Airlines then joined Allegiant in 2003. Joe has witnessed a lot of positive change over the years at Allegiant Air. With that being said, he has also witnessed unclear work rules and exponential growth in executive compensation while F/A pay has not kept up with inflation. Joe is committed to ensure that the Flight Attendant position at Allegiant Air is not just an okay job, but instead a great career. 

Jeanne Stiles 
Vice President

Hire Date: Jun 9th, 2004

Domicile: SFB

Email: jstiles@twu577.org

Contact: 702-919-1610  Ext 717

About: In 2004, Jeanne began her career at Allegiant Air as a flight attendant in Las Vegas.  She took the opportunity to transfer to Sanford when the base opened in May of 2005.  Shortly thereafter, she joined the management side as a Base Coordinator.  After five years in that role she returned to the line because she missed the comradery among the flight attendants.  Those years spent in the office opened her eyes to see that fair labor rights needed to be enforced.  She has a passion for employees nationwide to be treated fairly and equally.

Reynaldo Chaparro
Financial Secretary-Treasurer

Hire Date: Mar 11th, 2006

Domicile: LAS

Email: rchaparro@twu577.org

Contact: 702-919-1610  Ext 718

About: Born in California, Rey moved to Las Vegas in 2001 to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) where he earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and advertising. A year after graduation, he joined Allegiant Air when it was still a small company with only 11 aircraft's. At this time, he played an dual role as Flight Attendant and Sales Coordinator while continuing his education and earning a Masters degree in Business Administration. During these first years with the company, he noticed a disparity in the financial and beneficial growth that Flight Attendants have when compared to industry standard. This was the time he decided to get heavily involved in union advocacy to promote and bring positive strives that Flight Attendants deserve.

Klarissa Principe

Hire Date: Jun 2nd, 2014

Domicile: LAS

Email: kprincipe@twu577.org

Contact: 702-919-1610  Ext 719

About: Born from two Puerto Rican parents, she was always encouraged to voice her opinions and concerns, just as her father did when he would picket alongside his fellow union members. In 2014 Klarissa was hired at Allegiant Air as a Flight Attendant and became involved as a Base Rep/Steward starting in 2016. After the contract ratification in 2017, she knew she would want to take on a larger role and run for a position in the 2018 Executive Board Elections. In 2018 she was nominated by fellow members and ultimately voted into office for the 2018-2021 term as Recording-Secretary.

Beatrice Burgos
Board Member at Large

Hire Date: May 7th, 2009

Domicile: IWA

Email: bburgos@twu577.org

Contact: 702-919-1610  Ext 720

About: Beatrice has been a Flight Attendant for Allegiant Air since March 2009. She has previously been with two other airlines and truly understands the value in having union representation in the aviation industry. Bea began her union career when the card signing campaign began before voting in the TWU as the representation/bargaining party of Allegiant Flight Attendants. Throughout her career at Allegiant Air, she still represents the workgroup as an Air Transport Supervisor (ATS) and later establishing herself in 2014 as a Field Instructor for the Inflight Training Department. The biggest pleasure she has at work is the ability to mentor and guide Flight Attendants through the Initial New Hire Training (INH) and Continued Qualification Training (CQ). As an elected Board Member at Large, she seeks to continue her efforts in advocating and implementing improvements that better the quality of life of Flight Attendants.

Matthew Floyd
Board Member at Large

Hire Date: Nov, 16th, 2016

Domicile: SFB

Email: mfloyd@twu577.org

Contact: 702-919-1610  Ext 721

About: Matthew Floyd is a 4 year flight attendant based in SFB who really enjoys his career and looks forward to many years of flying with Allegiant Air. Born and raised in Florida, with a 12 year stint in NY and MI, this husband and father of 4 comes from a union family, where he grew up witnessing the hard work and dedication that his father put in for over 30 years with his local. He was very pleased to join our workgroup, at what seemed a critical season in our contract negotiations, and was excited to stand by fellow FAs on the picket line and serve as a contract educator and a union base rep. From management roles in the printing and home restoration industries to pastoral leadership, he brings an array of experience that he hopes will help local 577 to continue to focus on tackling the immediate needs of our members, as well as forecasting and preparing for future negotiations, to achieve the goal of unifying our workgroup and receiving all of the rights, benefits, and privileges that our frontline workers deserve.

Cody Yamada
Board Member at Large

Hire Date: May 12th, 2011

Domicile: SRQ

Email: cyamada@twu577.org

Contact: 702-919-1610  Ext 722

About: Cody joined the Allegiant Air family in 2009. He is currently serving as an ATS and member of the  Flight Attendant Recruiting Team. In his spare time, Cody enjoys reading, mountain biking, traveling, and playing with his love-able, yet goofball of a cat, Mochi.