Get to Know Your Committees:


We would like to introduce to you our Uniform Committee! Becca Yochem and Geoffrey Rosenberg both serve as our Uniform East/West Co-Chairs. Together they will work to improve our program and be a voice for all our Flight Attendants. Watch their Introductory Video on what they are looking to achieve and read their personalized note to the work group below. 


This year, we will be working hard to promote equality for all shapes and sizes, as well as helping to achieve a "new" look! We will work to establish a streamlined ordering system with accessible communication that will provide results regarding problems in ordering, sizing, etc. 
We are looking forward to working with everyone and cannot wait to get more feedback from the work group.

 – Becca Yochem East Coast Co-Chair, Geoffrey Roseberg West Coast Co-Chair


If you would like to join the Uniform Committee, click here!

To report issues with your Uniforms, orders and give ideas on what you would like to see, fill out the form on our website or email us at