Response Page & Agreements

Covid 19

Your union has been working with the company regarding the effects this pandemic has cased in the operation, and ultimately, the negative effects to the individual lives of Flight Attendants. Although information changes constantly on a daily bases, your union leadership is dedicated to keep everyone informed as soon as information becomes available. 

MOA's and MOU's due to COVID-19

The following Memorandum Of Agreements (MOA) and Memorandum Of Understanding are a direct result of the effects of the COVID-19, Please Read through these agreements, at it pertains to the actions being taken during these challenging times. ​

TWU 577 COVID-19 Procedure 

The Safety/Health/Security Committee has put together a handout explaining the procedure when dealing with COVID-19 exposure. Please CLICK HERE for details and reach out to your union for any questions at

Union Communication Reminder

Please stay informed by reading our emails. We did receive feedback that members were not receiving union emails and we have identified a few issues that may be the reason why you are not receiving emails. Possible reasons include: 

  • Outdated Information (from initial sign-up)

  • Hotmail email account registered (Not Supported)

  • Member Application handwriting is not clear

  • Unsubscribed in the past

  • Third Party Organization email (University or Company)

  • Allegiant Air Email NOT ALLOWED

If you have signed and filed a Membership Application with your local and one of these criteria above applies to you, please update your information by CLICKING HERE

Please stay informed by viewing the video updates on the COVID-19 listed below.

Union Contact Information

If you need to get a hold of someone in the union, please CLICK HERE for a full contact list of Local 577.

This page is dedicated to the response of the COVID-19 pandemic. Information source in this page is for the sole purpose to educate and keep members of TWU Local 577 informed of the daily challenges that are brought about from the pandemic. 

Department of Labor (DOL) resource: The organization pushed a coronavirus page to help employees know about important topics of employment benefits during this pandemic. Please CLICK HERE to be redirected to this resource.

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):

has published a Safety Alert For Operators (SAFO) report. This report provides interim health guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Air Carriers and Crewmembers regarding COVID-19.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): The organization published a resource page where it outlines very important information about the COVID-19. This page helps educate everyone on how to protect yourself and what steps to take if you are sick. Please CLICK HERE to be redirect to the CDC Resource Page. 

AFL-CIO about COVID-19: The association has published an informational handout that provides an inside to the coronavirus and the impact it has with workers. The handout has a piece about workers who are at high risk for the virus and the priorities for workers and unions during this pandemic. CLICK HERE to read more.

U.S. Department of State - Passport Services: The department has published an important notice for airline and transportation flight crew. This notice talks about the temporary closure of passport agency's and outlines instructions for further assistance.

CLICK HERE to read the full notice.

State and Local Health Departments: For further assistance within your state and local office, please CLICK HERE for a list of useful contact information.

Unemployment and other State Programs/Services:

During this pandemic, we had many inquiries regarding unemployment benefits. For a state-by-state listing of unemployment and other programs/services, CLICK HERE