Election 2021

Women Voting

Kelli Ross (Chairperson)

Email: election@twu577.org


  • Elise Schmidt (Member)

  • Alaine Liguori (Member)

  • Kimberly Potosnak (Alternate)

Your Election Board wanted to give you a quick update about tour TWU 577 elections that will be taking place July 7th, 2021. Now is the time for you to make sure your email and home mailing addresses are up to date. If not, just head over to the TWU 577 website and you can get that taken care of. 


All offices will be up for election. Nominations begin April 26th, 2021 and close May 24th, 2021. If you are interested in running or nominating somebody, please email the Election Board at election@twu577.org or click the round yellow button that says "To Nominate." Make sure to include candidates name, emp#, and position.

Fly Safe!

Your TWU Local 577 Election Board


What if I need to update my contact information with the Union?

To update your contact information, please click the following link: Update Contact Request

Who is the Election Board and how do I contact them?

Memebers of the Election Board are as follows:

Kelli Ross (Chairperson)

Elise Schmidt (Board Member)

Alaine Liguori (Board Member)

Kimberly Potosnak (Alternate)

You may reach your Election Board at:


How do I nominate a candidate?

Email your candidates name, employee number and position to election@twu577.org John Doe 0000 (position)

FAQ's DISCLAIMER: The following Frequently Asked Question(s) is only meant to be a guide. For official Election Rules, please visit: INSERT LINK.