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  • Raychel Armstrong

  • Vanessa Barnes Moline

The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) is a free standing committee, however, we do work hand-in-hand primarily with the Safety/Health/Security Committee (SHS). While SHS handles the issues as they occur and seeks solutions between the company and the union, GAC looks for long-term change through legislation efforts. The efforts pushed forward by GAC are through the actions of lobbying, education and campaigning. 

Government Affairs
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Some of the main concerns being addressed by GAC are; OJI regulations, Cabin Air Safety and 10-hour rest (implementation) for Flight Attendants. Although these set of issues have been affecting Flight Attendants for decades, ultimately, the solution is to solve these issues through legislation reform. As we further develop campaigns, at time we will seek member(s) volunteers to aid us in our endeavors.



The Committee On Political Education is a TWU International program, primarily funded by membership donations. For more information about COPE, CLICK HERE

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