Heather Frey (Chair)
Domicile: LAS
Date of Hire: Mar 5th 2010
702-919-1610  Committee Ext: 1

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The grievance process is a procedure that Flight Attendants can utilize when they have identified a contract violation. The grievance committee will respond to all concerns in regards to contract violations. It is the purpose of the committee to provide a means by which to respond to the concerns of all Flight Attendants covered under the CBA. 

The Committee is responsible to file all Flight Attendant(s) grievances with Allegiant Air on behalf of TWU Local 577. In order to be effective, the committee must be mindful of contractual time frames when these grievances get filed. The committee must be fully knowledgeable in all aspects of the CBA and be aware that it is a living document where understanding of intent is further developed through case handling. In addition, they work closely with the URep Administrator through their process in the effort to identify possibly violations in the contract. 

FAQ's DISCLAIMER: The following Frequently Asked Question(s) is only meant to be a guide. Company and legal requirements can change with little notice and may differ from the ones listed. 

Mary Alice Nelson (Co-Chair)
Domicile: PDG
Date of Hire: Oct 7th 2014
702-919-1610  Committee Ext: 1