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702-919-1610  Committee Ext: 2


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  • Theresa Ledbetter

  • Kimberley Shepherd

  • Vanessa Ashley Wiseman

The purpose of our committee is to address concerns and make recommendations to the company (Crew Travel) and help monitor all hotel and transportation needs of our members. The committee will fulfill its functions through membership engagement and periodical surveys. In addition, they are responsible to compile all findings that will strengthen our position in negotiations. 

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How do I get to the airport when I'm on a TDY assignment?

Typically, the hotel will have a shuttle. If there is no shuttle service available, transportation to/from the airport will be provided at the company's expense. This could be via Uber/Lyft or a rental car, depending on the location of the hotel. Please refer to the CBA for a complete list of requirements.

Will there be a microwave and refrigerator in my hotel room?

For TDY assignments longer than 2 days, hotel rooms will include a microwave and refrigerator.

Can we be assigned a hotel room on the ground floor?

Layover hotel rooms for Flight Attendants shall not be located on the ground floor of the hotel, and shall open to an indoor corridor.

How do I know how much the hotel option is if I TDY?

You can find this information on G4 Connect under Crew Travel/Hotel Option Rates

How do I know what hotel the company will use for a TDY assignment?

You can find this information on G4 Connect under Crew Travel/Crew Travel Preferred Vendors. Please be advised that there is no guarantee. Factors such as unavailability, contractual limitations, vendor fall out, new properties that are built or new relationships that are established.

How does the company decide what hotel to use for an unexpected overnight?

They look for accommodations that are close to the airport and meet all of our traditional standards. Most of our flights return to domicile each day, therefore most of our hotel stays are determined last minute with little consideration for long term hotel agreements.

Can we request specific flights for DH into a TDY assignment?

While there is no guarantee, when you fill out your TDY form, list a few choices if you have a preference.

FAQ's DISCLAIMER: The following Frequently Asked Question(s) is only meant to be a guide. Company and legal requirements can change with little notice and may differ from the ones listed.