In addition to the MOA that was signed recently and communicated to you at the end of July

regarding Footprint, there were also several Grievance Settlement Agreements that were

completed. Here is a little information about the settlements, what they have changed, and

examples of how they work.

Change: When a Flight Attendant has a trip pairing in which half of the flight segments

cancel, they will be required to sit reserve for the cancelled portion. The Flight Attendant

can be rescheduled/rerouted to work another trip; however, the trip must end by their

original end duty time. If the Company removes the Flight Attendant from the second half

of their trip that is not cancelled (i.e., the second half of their trip is combined as a

through flight on a different trip), the Flight attendant will sit a standard reserve period

based on their original start of duty for their original trip.

Example: You have a 4-leg day with a showtime of 0600. The first 2 legs cancel, and you

receive a new showtime of 1000.The day before the Flight, the second 2 legs get combined into

a through flight that will be operated by another Crew, but those 2 legs are not cancelled. Under

the new Settlement Agreement, you will sit R330 because that is the standard Reserve period

closest to your original trip. If you have a combined Footprint and trip pairing, you can be

rescheduled/rerouted to an assignment that must end by your original end time.

Change: Flight Attendants who report for duty for a trip assignment that becomes

delayed and later cancelled will be given per diem from the time they show until the time

the flight is cancelled.

Example: You arrive at the Airport for your showtime, and your Flight ends up canceling 3 hours

later. You get PPSK and are put on Footprint. Under the new Settlement Agreement, you will

now be paid per diem for the 3 hours that you were on duty even though your flight did not

depart. Until proper programming is in place, you must file a JIRA with appropriate and accurate

check in and release time.

Change: Flight Attendants whose multi-day Charter cancels will no longer be required to

be on call for the entire duration of the Charter. Instead, they will only be on Reserve

(contactable) during the original duty times, however, they can be scheduled for a trip

outside of their original duty times but must be back before the original end duty of the

multi-day pairing.

Example: You have a multi-day Charter pairing that cancels. Your Footprint is 0600 on Day 1 to

2000 on Day 3. You can be assigned a trip within the Footprint of the 3-day pairing. The original

Charter pairing’s first duty period was 0730-1400 on day 1; and the second duty period was

1200-2000 on day 3. Day 2 was a day free from duty. Under the new Settlement Agreement,

you are only contactable during the original duty periods for each day, but any trip assigned

must end before the original end duty for the 3-day pairing.

Footprint GSA/MOA