Adam Swindell (Chair)

Domicile: PIE

Date of Hire: Jul 2nd, 2014

702-919-1610  Committee Ext: 701


Other Member(s):

  • Leslie Brailsford (Co-Chair)

  • Melissa Badousek

The Payroll Committee is designed to give support to the membership regarding the financial obligations the Company has with every Flight Attendant. These obligations may include contractual itemization and the facilitating of such payroll practices using technology platforms readily available to all Flight Attendants remotely. The committee identifies payroll inaccuracies in Flight Attendant Pay Stubs, provide clarity to the membership, improve timeliness with management and make sure fair practices are being used while all contractual items are taken into consideration. 

Question or Concern?
Payroll   or

The committee also meets with the company to discuss payroll practices, platforms and changes. Assistance from the Department of Labor – Hourly and Wage Division is available to help the committee navigate through payroll issues members may be experiencing. In the payroll practices, there is responsibility from both the company and the Flight Attendant. Here are some important task's to remember;


  • The company’s obligation is to provide an accurate, real time system that calculates the pay for every Flight Attendant. 

  • The company currently uses a payroll platform called Tablaue that calculates daily schedules at 0300 PTS. The system uses designated columns outlining the calculation of each itemized pay rate in the compensation structure for every Flight Attendant. 

  • The company provides their employees with a pay stub outlining all payments and deductions. The system the company uses for these calculations is called Ultipro.

  • The company currently handles every pay discrepancy using the reporting system called JIRA. 

Union Members

  • The member of TWU Local 577 can report any issue they may have with their pay or the payroll system that the company currently uses. 

  • Flight Attendants must verify their pay stub in Ultipro and make sure their pay and deductions are correct. 

  • The union will always make sure the member has at least tried to fill out a JIRA report directly through the company if the issue is based on a pay discrepancy.

  • For wrongful payroll calculations in a period, the committee may advice the member to file a Grievance Report.  

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