Leave of Absence, Union Communication and Grievance Committee Update

DATE: Thursday, March 26th 2020

SUBJECT: Leave of Absence, Union Communication and Grievance Committee Update


As most of you know, our CBA can be found on your company iPad and its a good tool you can use when you have questions. We all must be thankful that we have a binding contract that gives us protection during these uncertain times. At this time, we have been informed that the FAA is considering extensions for CQ, we will keep you posted of any changes. 

Leave of Absence

As we speak, regulations and laws are being changed. These changes are very important to consider before submitting your request for any type of leave. At this time, there is still a lot of questions about this stimulus package and how it may apply. We are including a link to the Department of Labor (DOL) where the latest information regarding leave and COVID-19.

Click the following link: DOL/Coronavirus

Union Communication

Members have reached out via social media with concerns about not receiving union email(s). Some of the issues that members have faced in receiving our email is due to the following:

  • Outdated Information (from initial sign-up)

  • Hotmail is not supported

  • Member Application handwriting is not clear

  • Unsubscribed 

  • Company Email NOT ALLOWED

We are currently reviewing all 1500 emails in our Flight Attendant list to import as much accurate information to our membership software. We encourage if you know of someone facing this issue, please forward them the following link to update their contact information: 


Grievance Committee Update

From: Christa Gifford (Chair), Heather Frey (Co-Chair) 

In addition to many individual Grievances, the Grievance Committee filed 2 Group Grievances this past week. Remember that a Group Grievance covers ALL Allegiant Flight Attendants under the CBA. If you file an individual Grievance Report that is covered under one of these topics, we will add your information to the file, however, it is not necessary to do this. 

The first Group Grievance that we filed is for an Airport Standby assignment from Footprint. Airport Standby is a Reserve assignment and the Union contends that Reserve is not a trip. Section 19 F. 3. ii. of the CBA states, “If a Flight Attendant whose trip is canceled elects to be pay protected, she/he must remain available for trip assignment in the footprint of the original trip.”. As some of you may remember, we had this conversation last summer when the Company was Jr. Assigning Reserve. That Grievance is still ongoing, and we hope to reach an agreement with the Company soon. That agreement will directly affect the assignment of Airport Standby from Footprint. The Company is referencing the Airport Standby Policy Q. 9. / A. 9., however, we believe that this question/answer is a direct contradiction of CBA Section 19 F. 3. ii. 

The second Group Grievance that we filed is for Footprint exceeding 14 hours. Section 20 B. of the CBA states, “…reserve time is continuous for a maximum of fourteen (14) hours unless a trip is assigned.” Any time a Flight Attendant is removed from a trip, whether it be due to cancellation or rest, the Reserve period must not exceed 14 hours.  

At this time, we have not received a response on either of these issues from the Company yet. Even though our industry is going through a tough time, it is still important to hold the Company accountable. Please continue to file grievances if you believe there has been a CBA violation.  

You can file a Grievance using the following link: 


If you are having issues attaching supporting documentation, please include that in the body of your Grievance Report and we will reply and ask for those documents using another method.

If you have any questions, you can always email us at grievance@twu577.org.

In Unity,

TWU Local 577 Office

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