UPDATE August 14th 2019 - Grievance Committee Update

Wednesday, August 14th 2019


Since our last communication, we have been busy with grievances and appeals as well as preparing for cases to go to System Board of Adjustment. You can find more information regarding System Board in Section 26 of the CBA.

We are excited to begin to work with the new Union Representative (URep) and Professional Standards Representatives (PSR).  Hopefully the processes behind Professional Standards will help to reduce the amount of disciplinary action given when there is a dispute between co-workers.  It is best to resolve the situation without getting the Company involved and therefore will reduce the amount of disciplinary grievances.

A majority of the grievances that have been filed in the last few months involve scheduling issues and Mission Modes.  We have been very successful with the outcome of these grievances, by either accepting a settlement or being awarded the remedy that was requested.  We continue to hold the company accountable through the grievance process.

Section 20 F. of the CBA states:

Crew Scheduling will make reserve trip assignments based on availability, legality, fewest amount of conflicts (e.g. awarded trip the next day), and in order of least time to most time based on a lookback within the calendar month. In the event hours are equal, trip assignments will be made in seniority order.

Hours flown is only one part of the formula that includes other factors to determine legality when assigned a trip. Please keep this in mind when trying to determine if you have been called out in the correct order.  We have received a significant amount of grievances that are based solely on hours flown without consideration of the other factors.

There has been another influx of cell phone related disciplinary grievances.  This issue seems to go in waves.  Please be aware that being on your cell phone during a critical phase of flight is automatic termination.  The Company also has the ability to research when an employee logs on to Company websites.

We put a lot of time into researching the Junior Assignment grievances that were submitted in May.  While the CBA allows the Company to Junior Assign, they must do it correctly.  At our quarterly meeting with the Company, they provided proof and evidence that they did follow the CBA a majority of the time.  There were a couple grievances that we did win in which the Flight Attendant was not called out in the correct order.  However, the majority were done correctly.

Another reminder to please file your grievance early. A lot of times there is research that needs to be done.  Do not wait until the deadline to send the grievance report to us.  We have 21 days from the date of incident to file the grievance.  The date of incident counts as day 1.  Please include documents with your grievance report that pertain to the issue. Per the CBA, a Flight Attendant must give the Company an opportunity to fix the problem before we can file a grievance. The correspondence that you’ve had with the Company is important for us to look at as well. If the website does not allow you to attach all of your documents, please let us know in your grievance report and we will reply once it is received and you can send them at that time. It is also important for you to cite the section of the CBA that has been violated. You can find the Grievance Report by clicking the link.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please email us at grievance@twu577.org.

In Unity,

Christa Gifford- Grievance Chair

Heather Frey- Grievance Co-Chair

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