Scheduling- Reserve


Katie Luna (Chair)

Domicile: LAS

Date of Hire: Feb 16th, 2016

702-919-1610  Committee Ext: 700


Other Member(s):

  • Michelle Budwig

  • Leslie Brailsford

  • Sharon Branch

  • Diomadis Briceno

  • Kristin Rodriguez

  • Nancy Tsai

The committee is responsible to periodically have meetings to discuss the challenges presented in Flight Attendant schedules, including those who sit reserve. They discuss with management the wants and needs that Flight Attendants have based on their domicile. 

Question or Concern?Scheduling/Reserve   or

When changes are proposed, to our scheduling system, the committee does meet with the company to review and give their input. They also identify staffing changes that effect the trip pairings and the reserve compliment from each domicile. monitoring the staffing levels, under staffing statistics and flying trip transfers plays an important role in the process of crew utilization. 


Where do we find the bid protest form?

Use the following link to reveiw the bid awards for your domicile. If awarded wrong file a Bid Protest form.

Bid Award Protest Form

How do I use the Crew Bidding Interface?

The following link provides the overall functionally of CBI.

CBI User Guide

Who do I contact first before putting in a bid protest form?

Go to your Base Crew Support Assistants

LAS, LAX, BLI : Lily Fuller 702-830-8386;

IWA, CVG, IND, OAK : Kim Pardee 702-830-5975;

SFB, AVL : Amber Williams 702-830-5909;

PIE, PIT, SRQ, VPS : Ashley Kildow 702-830-5877;

PGD, FLL, TYS, MYR : Mali Rhoades 702-830-5781;

How long are the results of the bid awards available for?

The bid awards are available for 72 hours during the protest time. You can see all awards for

for your domicile using the CBI link in the portal.

How do I select my GOLD DAYS?

Go into Merlot under requests, then hit new, then look for Gold Day Off, select days wanted

and hit submit for a maximum of six (6) days. You are also able to edit.

NOTE: Pure line holders and mixed line holder are not allowed Gold Days.

FAQ's DISCLAIMER: The following Frequently Asked Question(s) is only meant to be a guide. Company and legal requirements can change with little notice and may differ from the ones listed. 

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