Christina Casas (Chair)

Domicile: LAS

Date of Hire: Oct 1st, 2005

702-919-1610  Committee Ext: 3


Other Member(s):

  • Felicia Fahey Brown

  • Layla Basiliali

  • Stephanie Gadient

  • Stephanie Williams

The Uniform Committee is tasked with gathering information from our members to present to the company in the form of recommendations. They meet with the company periodically to discuss seasonal items, issues and changes to the uniform policy. Recommendations come from the membership through reporting, surveys and face-to-face interaction with line Flight Attendants. 

Uniform Feedback Form 
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The committee is responsible to hold the company accountable with the support that they receive from the membership. We will fight for high-quality that does not require excessive tailoring. The committee encourages all members to participate with feedback, negative along with the positive.