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Date of Hire: 

Professional Standards


Date of Hire: 

Other Contact Info:

  • 702-919-1610

  • Professional Standards Representative (PSR): Ext 726

  • Union Representative (URep):

    • East Coast Ext: 728

    • West Coast Ext: 726

Professional Standards Representative (PSR)

A PSR primary function is to provides peer-to-peer conflict resolution by using mediation techniques. The purpose of the PSR program: is to reduce the number of disciplinary actions towards our members and leaving them with a greater sense of professionalism. This is a program that helps facilitate conflict resolution, not just among Flight Attendants, but could include any non-management employee.

Union Representative (URep)

URep primary function is to educate members and to represent TWU Local 577 Flight Attendants in disciplinary actions with Management. URep must have the ability to take detailed notes in a quick moving meeting setting while at the same time participating fully during the meeting(s). 

Responsibilities for both positions:

To uphold the CBA, By-Laws and the TWU International Constitution. To Educate TWU Local 577 members on the CBA, Committees and other programs available within the local. To stand up for the rights of Flight Attendants, support the labor movement and the TWU Local 577 agenda.

Requirements for both positions :

Be a member in good standing and be knowledgeable in the CBA and programs offered by our Local. Must have a high level of Professionalism and committed to handling a minimum number of cases per year. Check and response to emails and complete an online training program. Ability to maintain confidentiality and sign a confidentiality form with the local.

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